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Metro Capital LLC is the only firm providing Balance Sheet Surgery – the lowest cost, most effective alternative to bankruptcy and liquidation when you or a client company is distressed. We have over 35 years of experience and can help you with credit, finance, recovery, restructuring and every conceivable form of lending.

Experience You Can Trust

We guarantee effective and comprehensive representation for your business. Our reputation and history of successful companies and clients speak for themselves. We pride ourselves in helping businesses – large or small – that simply need to know how to proceed in today’s economy.

We Serve a Wide Range of Clientele

Metro Capital has been retained by virtually every conceivable type of business. Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise and every client relationship is valued greatly.  Are you ...

          ✓ A company with an upside down balance sheet and severe cash flow problems?

          ✓ An Asset Based Lender with a client/prospect with excessive delinquent payables?

          ✓ An Attorney/Agency Attempting Large-Balance Commercial Collections on Behalf of Clients?

          ✓ A Commercial Lender with “Special” or “Rated” Assets?

          ✓ An Investor With a “Problem Child” on your hands?

          ✓ An Attorney Representing Venture Capitalists or Angel Investors?

          ✓ A Company Looking at an Acquisition/Divestiture with an “Upside Down” Balance Sheet?

Metro Capital also specializes in helping with orderly wind-downs, especially when personal guarantees are involved. With ever changing economic conditions, you need someone on your side who knows how to accomplish real results when the unthinkable happens.  Contact us if ...

          ✓ You need to protect your assets

          ✓ Your company is drowning in debt

          ✓ Creditors are calling you constantly 

          ✓ You’re need help to recover receivables

          ✓ You are considering filing for bankruptcy protection or liquidation

          ✓ You’re considering an acquisition, you like their opportunity, but not their balance sheet

“THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS. I wouldn’t use or refer anyone else. Their determination to get the deal done in the best possible way surpasses any other company in the business.”  - Tanya Butterfield, Senior Lender at Chevy Chase Bank 

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